CCTV Security Cameras

CCTV Security Cameras

Allstrong Locksmiths and Security have been installing Analogue Security Cameras and now IP Digital Cameras systems for a variety of applications for a number of years now. These cameras can be a simple single internal camera, outdoor day/night cameras or multiple networked cameras. Using brands such as Samsung, Cisco, Dahua and Bosch, most systems can be accessed remotely via the internet and Smart Phone technology.

Security Cameras Requirements

Security Cameras have become a mainstream requirement and are used in many different ways.

These include:

  • Break in, Theft and Vandalism Prevention.
  • The Safety and Protection of People.
  • Monitoring Staff Functions – Cash Handling, Productivity.
  • Monitoring Customer Transactions. Any disputes, easily recorded and resolved.
  • Providing evidence when an incident does occur.

This can be for your own premises or often helping with incidents occurring outside your premises or on the street. Neighbours or the Police using the footage to capture criminals.

Once you have CCTV Security Cameras installed, you realise the value and variety of ways they can assist you in your home or business.

Call into one of our showrooms to see the quality of images available!

Alternately, we are happy to call to your location and survey your requirements. What images are you trying to capture? How many cameras would be needed? How long do you need to store footage? What would the installation involve…

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